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  • One of the best shows I've ever seen...I've see a few

    for American Idiot by Fiona submitted 8/03/17 10:08PM
    Went on opening night, came home booked another ticket for tonight, came home and booked again for the final show. The talent of the writers and producers is unquestionable - but the performers where outstanding. I sang, I cried, I laughed. Brilliant. And a special shout out to Miranda. You are impossible not to watch. The fact that you pointed at me (yes the crying singer in the second row) made my ****ing night!!! Can't wait to go again on Sunday. It was a privilege to be in the audience and watching you all do such an amazing job. I will be talking about this show for years and years to come. Thank you for the total commitment to put into your performances. I hope this will be a highlight in your careers and you continue for as long as you love it. Well done!!! ????
  • WOW!!!

    for American Idiot by Monique submitted 5/03/17 8:16AM
    What an absolutely amazing production, this by far exceeded all expectations I had. The cast are incredibly talented, work very well together and are so fluid around the set - which in itself is a masterpiece. When I first arrived and sat down my first thought was "oh... there isn't much to the set" but damn was I wrong. Brilliant use of a small space. Each cast member brings something different, but they all work so well together. There was a lot going on and I found my eyes constantly darting around the stage taking everything in (in a good way). I will be coming to see this again before it ends. Well done to all of the cast, crew and everyone else involved.
  • unmissable!

    for American Idiot by Jimmy submitted 4/03/17 11:15PM
    Absolutely brilliant, redefines traditional theatre performances. DO NOT MISS! 10/10
  • Phenomenal

    for American Idiot by Em Follett submitted 28/02/17 5:05PM
    Phenomenal is probably the only way I can describe what this show is like! The choreography is so clever, the staging is so simple yet so well done and the band absolutely nail every song. The cast do an exceedingly great job as well! Saw Chris as St Jimmy on opening night, but I definitely want to go back and see it with Phil too. I watched it the entire night with a huge smile on my face! Definitely is a great way to "see" every story on the record come to life!
  • Incendiary rock opera

    for American Idiot by Anthony B. submitted 28/02/17 10:17AM
    My expectations were high. I was a huge fan of the double CDs when they were released, so I know the music well. After watching the documentary on TV some months ago of the original Broadway production, I couldn't wait to see the show live. I wasn't disappointed, I was brilliant. "When September Ends" will bring the toughest bloke to tears. The cast and crew have done a first-rate job on this production, and I'll be back to see it again.
  • American Idiot

    for American Idiot by Brigette Lewis submitted 26/02/17 4:17PM
    Absolutely brilliant! Catches your attention immediately and so lively the whole way through. We are not big musical going people and my husband was sceptical but we both came out saying that it was fantastic. A must see if you can ! :)
  • Excellent Acting to go with a Superb Soundtrack

    for American Idiot by Leon Betschwar submitted 24/02/17 11:47PM
    No need to be a super fan of Green Day for this action packed audio-visual masterpiece! Despite a few microphone problems, the cast and band performed exceptionally throughout.
  • Wow

    for American Idiot by Alek submitted 24/02/17 11:24PM
    Never been a fan of Green Day. My Father suggested it and now I'm definitely a fan. Love it. Great performance, great value. Must see!
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