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  • Energetic, ABBA fanatics unite!

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Claire submitted 18/01/18 4:42PM
    MAMMA MIA is a lively and energetic show that full of colour, fun and classic ABBA songs. It will leave you singing ABBA songs for days and also warm your heart with the story. Pros: Great singers and dancers. The cast's voices were fabulous and really did both the story and ABBA songs justice. There is a fair bit of humour in the show with cute little pokes that leave you smiling throughout. I felt that the storyline was actually a little clearer than what the movie offered. Not by much as the movie is pretty clear, but I felt that it was more obvious who the main character loved in the show than in the movie. I can't say more or I'll spoil it. Everything else in the show was great. The musicians did a fabulous job recreating the songs. Singers were spot on. Set design was clever but simple and helped walk the cast through each scene. Cons: At the start of the show and after the interval they play through a lot of songs as a bit of an intro and the volume is SO loud. I actually put my hands over my ears at one point because it was starting to actually hurt. Throughout the show it's not a problem but at the start and interval it's actually physically uncomfortable. After the interval they add strobe lighting to this loud music and it goes for so long that you have to close your eyes to survive it. Too loud and too flashy for no real reason... I felt it took away from the show and it was annoying and unnecessary. All up 4 out of 5. Great show. Loved it. Just need to ditch the volume and flashy strobe effects at intro and after interval and it would have been a 5.
  • Adam Rennie and the Cast were brilliant!!!!

    for The Rocky Horror Show by Gena Campbell submitted 18/01/18 4:12PM
    I didn't know what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised by last night's performance. Adam Rennie was superb. He made the show and my husband and I loved the performance.
  • Fantastic show

    for The Rocky Horror Show by Vickii Nicholls submitted 18/01/18 3:33PM
    Amazing, full of energy, fabulous voices
  • Fantastic Show-Great Staff at QPAC

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Elizabeth Clark submitted 17/01/18 2:19PM
    Amazing Show. This was my first musical, definitely not my last. I’m a huge ABBA fan . The cast were so close to the movie and music was unbelievable. Unfortunately I became quite unwell during the performance and missed parts of it, the staff where so kind and accomodated us altogehter in a sound proof box so that we could aleast see the end of the show. Thankyou guys so much
  • Mrs

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Julie submitted 17/01/18 10:09AM
    Was fantastic loved the end when they sang and danced as a group on the stage
  • Musical drama

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Berni Moore-Gallagher submitted 16/01/18 7:21AM
    Fantastic show sooooo enjoyable and great adaptation of the movie Congrats to all involved
  • Musical

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Dale Gower submitted 15/01/18 6:18PM
    One of the best shows I've seen highly recommend it to anyone who likes Abba and musical theatre
  • Brilliant show

    for The Funatorium: Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Kim submitted 14/01/18 8:56PM
    We had a family day out and all adults agreed this show was brilliant, funny and entertaining. It greatly exceeded our expectations. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it throughout.
  • Best Mama Mia Production Ever

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Marsha Navar submitted 14/01/18 7:14PM
    I have been to four Mama Mia productions including one on broadway. I am a huge fan of ABBA because I saw them in concert as a high school student. I am staying in the area and figured it would be a nice, “something to do evening.” Oh my! This production was the best one by far that I have seen. The leads were perfect in every way. So much energy, beautiful voices, great story telling, perfect sets, beautiful costumes and the band was amazing! Loved every minute of this fabulous production.
  • Ms

    for MAMMA MIA! The Musical by Chris Dillon submitted 14/01/18 5:48PM
    The best musicsl show, great singing and dancing. The actors were great as the costumes. Well done.
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