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  • Oh the shade!

    for Blame It On – Bianca Del Rio by Amy submitted 15/11/17 6:49PM
    I don't think I stopped laughing the whole show. I can't even pick a favourite line....there was a word used throughout the show that has made its way into my vocabulary a lot more since the show. But I can't say it here :) Charisma Uniqueness Nerve & Talent! LOVE YOU BIANCA!! All hail the Queen
  • starlight tour

    for Jon Stevens Starlight Tour by Diane Hawkins submitted 11/08/17 12:22AM
    Awesome show ,from beginning to end best I have seen in a long time ,all great artists .
  • Noises off

    for Noises Off by June spanner submitted 18/07/17 5:36PM
    Took my 19 year old granddaughter to see it and we both enjoyed it so much. Had tears of laughter running down our faces. It's always a risk finding something which appeals to the younger people but this show ticked all the boxes for us both.
  • Excellent Show With Plenty of Laughs

    for Noises Off by Bec Senyard - The Plumbette submitted 17/06/17 3:48AM
    If you want a show that will have you laughing all night, this is it. Your face will be sore from smiling at the everything that goes on/wrong on stage. Actors do a brilliant job at executing this hilarious play.
  • Comedic Intensity and Sensory Delight

    for Noises Off by Maud Fitch submitted 5/06/17 9:49PM
    A play within a play, actors playing actors, energy and emotions running high as farcical mishaps and melodrama unfold on stage but that’s nothing to what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Director Sam Strong has shaped a cast who create impressive amounts of choreographed comedy, a riot of sight, sound and hilarity.
  • Wonderful, side splitting comedy

    for Noises Off by Zita O'Carroll submitted 5/06/17 11:22AM
    Was not sure what the play was about when I went in but killed myself laughing, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole production. What clever people actors are with accents and the show moved at 100kl per hour. A must see.
  • Ms

    for Eddi Reader – The Songs of Robert Burns by Chezza submitted 16/03/17 9:48PM
    Wonderful entertainer. Great show
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