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  • Better and better

    for Spirit of Christmas 2017 by Susanne Clowes submitted 28/12/17 7:18AM
    This show just gets better every year. I love that it celebrates the real meaning of Christmas. The performers are amazing, the choir is superb and Australian Carols are included. May it long continue to bring joy each Christmas.
  • Best Concert Ever

    for Spirit of Christmas 2017 by Judith Jeffrey submitted 24/12/17 9:36PM
    I would advise booking early in October in 2018 for the Christmas event. This concert is always fabulous. The singers, the organ, the lighting, the orchestra, the massed choirs. The standard is world class. I was in heaven, literally.
  • Lovely night at the ballet

    for Queensland Ballet's The Nutcracker 2017 by Pauline Inverarity submitted 11/12/17 5:43PM
    Loved the show. Great seats. Your staff are fantastic! Extremely helpful and happy. Assistance with direction to our seats was well organised and done with a smile. Thank you!
  • Mrs

    for The Wizard of Oz by Cassandra submitted 9/12/17 10:25PM
    Wonderful, a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining musical....
  • The Wizard of WOW!!

    for The Wizard of Oz by Robb Crawford submitted 5/12/17 3:18PM
    Probably my all-time favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz, so naturally I had loads of questions when I was trying to imagine this stage production. Like, how are they going to deal with the tornado? Where are they going to find all those Munchkins? What about those nasty flying monkeys? Well, let me just say that if I could have seen THIS version of Oz, I know this would be my absolute favourite show. They nailed everything, the costumes, the lights and special effects, the incredible costumes and make-up and of course, those amazing voices singing those wonderful songs... this really is a MUST SEE!! A perfect Christmas holiday treat.
  • Excellent!

    for The Wizard of Oz by Colin Waites submitted 28/11/17 10:17PM
    A great show. Funny and clever.
  • Wizard of Oz

    for The Wizard of Oz by Cheryl submitted 25/11/17 11:44PM
    I thought this show was wonderful. The cast was amazing. The sets, lighting and props were great. Well done on a fabulous show.
  • Amazing lighting

    for The Wizard of Oz by Sue Lau submitted 23/11/17 6:21PM
    Wow the lighting on this show was amazing. My 3yr old and 7yr old were both transfixed and 2 weeks later is still looking at the program and reliving the performance everyday!
  • I Really Saw The Wizard

    for The Wizard of Oz by Brad Coward submitted 23/11/17 5:17PM
    This show is wonderful from go to woe! Put simply, if I was to tell you how much I loved The Wizard of Oz, I'd run out of superlatives. Just go and see it. It's fantastic to be able to sit in the dark for a few hours and let the cares and worries of modern life disappear and let the inner child run free. Great new songs performed brilliantly. You'll love it!!!!!!!!
  • fantastic thrilling theatre

    for The Wizard of Oz by annie rose bennett submitted 16/11/17 12:57PM
    As an avid theatre goer, especially musicals, this production is up there with the best. The sets, costumes, lighting, music and of course the actors were sensational. Loved it from start to finish, brilliant for all ages over 8 as some of the special effects are quite scarey.
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